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Visa Application to Cambodia

(Visit, Live, Work and Business…)

Foreigners who intend to live or stay in Cambodia may apply for Visa in the following conditions:

  • ​Visa for living from 1 to 3 months: in this period, business operation is allowed. After the period expired, applicants may request for extension for 1 year.
  • ​Pay the visa fee for 100.00 USD (for 6 months non-permanent stay) and 180.00USD (for 1 year)
  • ​For more detailed information regarding the working visa application we advise you to contact the Ministry of Interior.


Foreigners must pay for insurance by themselves such as on houses, cars and health (Annually).

1. Employment

No any foreigner can perform any kind of business without work permit and record issued by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. Foreigners who intend to work must meet the following conditions:

    • Receive before hand work permit in order to engage in any job activity in Cambodia.
    • Enter Cambodia legally.
    • Hold proper passport.
    • Hold proper stay permit.

Possess appropriate physical conditions for jobs and contact no serious pandemic disease.

Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training can withdraw work permit in the following conditions:

  • The holders fail to comply with the 5 points above.
  • Jobs have been postponed by holders of work permit. This withdrawal would apply up on the expiry date of work permit and can be issued or extended to foreigners.
  • Holders of work permit are not employed over a month or work for other employers.

Maximum percentage of foreign employment

Referring to the requests by owners or heads of enterprises, in general, the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training allows employing foreign workers not more than 10 per cent of the total local employees.

The 10 % of foreign workers is categorized as below:

  • Office staff: 3%
  • Specialist: 6%
  • Labor worker: 1%

In case that the need of foreign employment exceeds 10%, it shall be clarified the position, specialty of each foreigner to be hired as well as the reasons for employment.

2. ​Place to stay, type of home, price, location etc.

  • ​First is main street location in which the price of new and old building is between 200 USD to 300 USD/m2, (Residential area: 600 USD) and land price 2,000 USD/m2.
  • Second is narrow street location in which the price of new and old building is between 150 USD to 250 USD/m2, (Residential area: 600 USD) and land price: 1,500 USD/m2.
  • Third is land Street location in which the land price is between 100 USD to 400 USD/m2.

3. ​Tax duties for foreigners

  • Foreigners work for others
    • Come to live and do business (Tax on business only).
    • Work as General Manager shall pay ordinary salary tax according to tax law (salary tax excluding children tax).
    • Work as General Manager for 182 days shall pay ordinary tax according to tax law (Tax rate: 20%).
    • Renting accommodation shall pay additional benefit tax 20% (The real estate company shall pay 20%, and foreigners who rend the house are duty free.
  • Foreigners own business
    • Work as contractor at Khans or small markets (Sell in small markets).
    • Do and registered business tax.
    • Own business shall pay additional benefit tax.
    • Profit tax (Monthly profit tax).
    • Register VAT shall pay VAT tax (except for banks and insurance company).
    • Minimum tax
    • Withhold tax.
    • Patent tax (Every half of the year or annually);
    • Stamp tax.
    • Advertising Sign board tax.
    • Accommodation tax (Hotel).
    • Means of Transportation tax (Annually by owners).
    • Public lighting tax (Alcoholic drinks, cigarettes).
    • Special tax (Import tax including beer producing).
    • Letter Stamp tax (Sending letters locally or abroad).
    • Buying apartment tax (Room), pay stamp tax.

4. Media for foreigners and touristsphnompenh-axelrod-0033-126620562271794076

The Ministry of Tourism has hosted their website: www.mot.gov.kh E-mail: admin@mot.gov.kh and announced through national and international radio stations, newspapers at all places exposed to tourists and produced brochures for tourists.

5. Embassy :

please click here to locate all embassies on the City Map

6. Education for foreigners in Cambodia


7. Transportation (Requirement to get driver license)phnompenh-axelrod-0002-126620557189526732

  • Foreigners who live in Cambodia for more than 6 months are eligible to apply for driver license;
  • Foreigners who already hold international driver license of heavy trucks may apply to switch to light vehicle driver license.

8. Leisure Activities


  • Historical and Cultural Tourism:
    • National Museum, Temples, Independent Monument, Wat Phnom.
    • Choeung Ek Genocide Center, Toul Sleng Musuem.
    • Royal Ploughing ceremony, Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben, Water Festival.
  • Natural Tourism
    • Cruising along Tonle Sap and Mekong River, fishing watch.
  • Sport Tourism
    • Play golf at the standard quality golf courses such as Grand Phnom Penh, Royal Cambodia Golf Course
    • Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, etc.
  • Recreation
    • Popular park such as Samdech HunSen Park, Independent Monument Park, Royal Palace Park, Park in front of CDC etc.
    • At night, you can visit the Night Market, walk along the river park etc.

9. Health Emergencyphnompenh-axelrod-0013-126620558844769987

  • 7 public hospitals: Calmette, Angdoung, Phreah Kosomeak, Cambodia-Soviet, National Pediatrics, Kontheak Bopha, Maternal and infant Support Center.
  • 103 private clinics

10. Banks and Transferring

  • Money exchange, transfer and deposit are available through state and private banks.