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Laws & Regulations


  • Royal Kram No. NS/RK/0303/009, dated March 24, 2003, on the Amendment to the Investment Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

→ The said law governs all qualified investment projects and determines the procedures for establishment of qualified investment projects carried out by any individual..
→ Only qualified investment projects are entitled to acquire benefits under the framework of the said law.

  • Subdecree No. 111 S.E., dated September 27, 2005, on the Implementation of the Law on the Amendment to the Cambodian Investment Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

→ This subdecree complements and administers the implementation of the Investment Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia and aims to encourage and to regulate various investments carried out by Cambodian and foreign legal entities in the Kingdom of Cambodia..

  • Royal Kram No. NS/RK/1007/025, dated October 19, 2007 on the Concession Law.

→ The said law aims to boost and to facilitate the implementation of structure plans by private financing in Kingdom of Cambodia in order to serve public interests and to meet the demands of society and the national economy.

  • Subdecree No. 148 S.E., dated December 29, 2005, on the Establishment and Management of Special Economic Zones.

→ This subdecree aims to establish and to manage special economic zones and to increase a favorable investment atmosphere for improvement of productivity in goods production, overtake national economic growth, promote export and generate employment for people in order to reduce poverty. In the meantime, it will determine the procedures and provisions relating to establishment, management and facilitation of all investment activities and boost the incentives for investments of those who develop the investor zones in special economic zones in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

→ Based on the above mentioned aims, the Royal Government will promote special economic zones in the Kingdom of Cambodia, conditions, acquisition of required information and consistency with the Royal Government’s political platform set out so far.

  • Subdecree No. 33 S.E., dated February 29, 2007, on the Establishment of Provincial/Municipal Investment Sub-commissions.

→ Establishes the investment registration mechanism as qualified investment projects in provinces/municipalities, entitled: Provincial/Municipal Investment Sub-Commissions.

  • Subdecree No. 114 S.E., dated August 29, 2007, on Mortgage, Assignment of Long-Term Lease or Assignment of Economic Land Concession.

Aims to determine principles and requirements for grant of rights to investors in respect of mortgage and assignment of long-term lease or assignment of land concession within a period of no later than specified in long-term lease or land concession contract.

These documents are available at the Capital Hall Administration (Planning and Investment Division) :

Phnom Penh Capital Hall – Investment Office

# 69, Preah Monivong Blvd., Sangkat Srah
Chak, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

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