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Investment Opportunities


We optimistically believe that Phnom Penh can offer unlimited opportunities from garments and light manufacturing, infrastructure and construction, education and health to a huge array of untapped natural resources and agro industry businesses.

Promoted sectors for investment

Commercial agriculture and agro-processing

  • Crop production
  • Livestock production
  • Fishery
  • Manufacturing and processing of food and related products
  • Production and exploitation activities to protect the environment

Garments and light manufacturing

  • Manufacturing of textile mill products
  • Manufacturing of apparel and other textiles
  • Manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment

Infrastructure and construction

  • Highway and bridge construction
  • Manufacturing of transportation and equipment
  • Production of machinery and industrial equipment

Services: Education and Health

  • Medical complex of international standards
  • Educational facilities of international standards
  • Vocational training centres


  • Hotel construction
  • Physical infrastructure facilities to support the tourism and cultural sectors

If you wish to invest in Phnom Penh, please visit the Planning and Investment Division (Investment Office) of Phnom Penh Capital Hall.