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Governor Message

Welcome to Phnom Penh – the citizens and the EFC Dear readers !

Capital website is established in order to show data research report on development activities in all sectors, led by the Governor.

The board of governors of Phnom Penh in term 1, filled the role as institutional sub-national administrations on behalf of the institutions providing public services to be closer to the citizens to meet the needs and interests of users based on the spirit of collaboration in the partnership between the state, private and civil society. In term 2 this important task of the board of governors is to focus on the rehabilitation of infrastructure facilities of all kinds, the quality of public services, traffic, environment, security, order refers contributions help improve the standard of living of the people from day to day to improve further.

Quality website can run effectively and smoothly due to the data file comments and constructive feedback, which is based in helping improve Development Capital Capital refers to the honor, dignity, stability, safety, public welfare and order for the general population.

I hope that this website actually contribute to the sharing of information for the benefit of all citizens and the other.

Thank you!