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2nd mandate council was announced officially takes office

Published Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 10:38 AM

Capital Council mandate taxonomy 2 was officially sworn in the morning of June 05, 2014, in Phnom Penh, under the presidency of the DPM Keat Chhon, deputy prime minister. Members of the Council of Phnom Penh, which was announced to take office at this time there were 21, with HE Mob Sarin, who is president of the Phnom Penh Municipal Council last mandate 1 are continued leadership as Chairman of Capital Council mandate 2 more. Among the 21 members of the Council from 15 Cambodian People’s Party and the opposition 06 01 mandate.

Speaking on the occasion, HE Socheatvong Governor of Phnom Penh, has pointed out that the number of seats Municipal Council there are 21 seats and Khan total of 12 district 216 seats and the election organization, which is the members of the council, neighborhood in the positions have 810 people who have joined elected Municipal Council – Khan 2nd mandate on 18 May 2014 as a result Cambodian People’s Party has been supporting 571 voices and the National Salvation Party get 237 votes. Khan CPP party received 571 votes received 236 votes. HE Governor said that in order to continue work on behalf of the administration at the sub-national level for the 2nd mandate of the Board of Governors of Phnom Penh has set the work priorities of its Formula 321 is assembled 3 exclusive 2 and started 1 for the purpose of developing the capital Phnom Penh, as well as the strengthening of the public service to citizens in a timely manner.

Addressing the ceremony at that occasion, DPM Keat Chhun, Deputy Prime Minister has emphasized that as members of the Council who are elected even though the composition of political parties different of course, but according to the principle of legal council is representing the people in Phnom Penh as a whole. That performance was trying to serve the interests and needs of all citizens, irrespective of political affiliation. Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister also instructed the Council as well as administrative, Phnom Penh, to continue to pay attention to follow its jurisdiction in the public service to the people and to understand the resentment of the people and have to run to keep up with state reports and change mindset needs of the people.